100 Ways YOU Look Better in a MyOmi Adult Bib

Beautiful Girl Wearing an Adult Sized Bib Clothing Protector


An Adult bib is kind of a silly product to spend a bunch of time branding and blogging about and trying to popularize.

However, at the very same time an adult sized bib is a very useful product to spend a bunch of time branding and blogging about and trying to popularize.

If you gave me 1,000 MyOmi Adult Bibs I’d try to sell them all. If I didn’t sell them then you’de probably not hear much more about adult sized MyOmi Bibs from me. But if I did sell them all, I’d try to make and sell more, and you’de probably see me writing about it.

If you asked me if I was joking about these nifty shirt protectors I would say “Yes”. But If you think I’m serious about adult size mealtime protectors then the answers’ still “Yes”.

Pretty Girl Spilling Spaghetti on Her Shirt

After all, adult bibs are kind of wacky and perfect eaters don’t really need them. So, if you gave it to someone as a gift, someone in the office or a friend, it could say a lot of silly stuff like “I care about you and I want you to look nice, my dear slob!” or perhaps “Every day you spill something on your shirt. EVERY DAY!”. Maybe even just a simple “Clean Up Your Act.”

But Abult Bibs are also very serious. It’s a seriously sweet way to say “Have a great day at work babe, got you covered!” They are for people who seriously want to look their best. They do a great job of protecting less perfect eaters such as myself, no kidding around.

Woman spilling coffee in the car but she is saved by the adult sized bib she is wearing.

If you know that you’re inclined to make at least one small spill today, no matter how hard you try, and you know you don’t want that to happen but it’s inevitable. Well I’d say I’m very serious about these adult bibs and their ability to keep that from raining on your day TODAY!

Whether you think these bibs are silly or they’re stone cold serious, we think they’re pretty useful and we want to share the top 100 ways YOU look better in a MyOmi Bib.

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