Coronavirus COVID 19 Cases Pass 10,000 in US

Luckily COVID 19 coronavirus is not a seriously deadly disease because its here and it is widespread. We as a race have failed to stop it. In our defence, it was not recognized or at least not disclosed to the masses until far too late in the game. But if this were an Ebola-like disease, we would be in extinction style trouble. As I have been saying there are possibly hundreds of thousands of cases of COVID 19 in the United States. This is now being confirmed the US government, I said it last week. Officially cases have now passed 13,000. But there is a silver lining. The number of deaths has not risen much at all, about 200 in the US. So now, because of all the "New Cases", the death rate just fell from approx 2.6% to 1.5% overnight. Moving forward every day from now on, as massive numbers of new cases are reported here in the US, the death rate will plummet. It will eventually approach the death rate of the seasonal flu. Just imagine if they could test for all the cases of COVID 19 that have already arisen and then  resolved without incident.

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