MyOmi Adult Bibs; The Bib Re-Invented

Adult Bib Large Size - Oversized Adult Bib

If you asked me 2 years ago if selling Adult Bibs was a feasible idea I probably would have laughed.

If I tell a friend or a relative, you can count on an awkward silence, or perhaps a very doubtful and insincere “oh okay……. that’s cool”.

And by that I think they mean “that’s a really dumb idea, you’re an idiot”, or perhaps, “can’t wait to see that one CRASH AND BURN!”

Heck, when I began selling online, it was just a big joke more than anything else. A very whimsical stroke at living life to its fullest in world of many great opportunities.

Woman Wearing an Adult Bib

Similarly, when I began selling Adult Oversized Bibs online, it too was more comical than calculated. It was just a favor to a friend, liquidating some old products from an old business that had value but no real future.

But much in the way that good things come to be, when they just fall into your hands, this too turned out to be more of a blessing than I had ever bargained for. Because when I listed those bibs online, they sold.

In fact they sold quite fast. The plain neutral colors and the “SLOB” Bib in particular. They sold early, quickly and with a trend of increasing volume up until they were sold out.

Woman Wearing Adult Bib Spilling Coffee

So with a picture of how sales might look based on the prototype’s revenue and trends, and some proven sales, I decided to start the work of recreating this product and bringing it to the market.

Through Alibaba we found manufacturers of similar products. We set up with 4 manufacturers to obtain bids, spent several hundred dollars sending the prototypes out like a big Hail Mary. And in the end we only found 2 good and reliable manufacturers for the product. But we had finally found a supply line and had had the product successfully reverse manufactured.

Next, I put my money where my mouth was. We placed our first order for over $8,000 worth of these bibs. Just to put this in perspective, $8,000 is quite a bit of money to us. We don’t just have it laying around somewhere or stuffed under a mattress. It’s a big risk and a large investment for a company this size. It could be tied up for a while or simply never returned. It was done on faith and hope rather than evidence and certainty.

This entire process lasted over 2 years and it seemed like a lifetime. It was more sitting, waiting and wishing than actual hard labor. It wears at you none the less. But now at long last, we can present this product to you from Canny Gorilla, Inc., The MyOmi Adult Oversized Bib. It is our first very own product, an exclusive and well-planned design. A product that adds value to daily life.

Over the coming months as we begin to market this product, we will share the story of how this bib came to be created. In so many ways it is much more than it seems. Its utility and versatility are wide ranging and it is a great product that we present to an underserved market.

Woman Wearing an Adult Bib

But there is so much more to it. On one hand, it is a Salute to one of the most influential and inspirationally strong people I have ever been blessed to know, my own Grandmother. (In German it is Omi.) On the other hand, this product has a past; it has its own story. It’s a story about a successful, incredibly strong self-made woman far ahead of the times. A story of a mother and daughter working together. It’s about family and love. It’s about friendship, kindness and the blessings that sometimes pass our way. Perseverance; follow through; diligence. It's faith; hope; belief; dreams; destiny; living life to its fullest. It is a picture of the American Dream and the gut and grits it takes to even take a swing.

While it is far too early to tell if it will be successful, we have already sold over 1,000 of this bib and continue to sell them regularly. You can find them on EBay at our store and here on our website.

And for those of you who can’t think of why you would ever need or want to purchase one of our MyOmi Adult Oversized bibs we will start out with this list of some of the many ways this product can bring value to your life.

Excellent Gift Idea

For Professionals:

  • Relax a little while eating on the go: In the car or at your desk
  • No More Coffee Stains and Lunch Spills
  • Board Meetings and Business Dining, just one less thing to worry about
  • Protect Your Image
  • Stretch the life of your work attire

Hosting Dinner Parties and Dining Room Essentials:

  • Protect your guests, send them home spot free
  • Help everyone to relax and enjoy the party
  • Lobster or Steak Dinner, butter, oil, spaghetti and Mozambique are no match for this bib.
  • Breakfast or other mealtimes in bed


  • Essential at Feeding Time
  • Great for guests who may hold or feed your children
  • Cringe no more at feeding your kids in your nice attire.
  • From bottle feeding and milk burping to solid foods and self-feeding MyOmi Bibs will have you covered
  • Relax and enjoy what matters most, focus on your kids, not your clothes.

Mobility and Special Care Patients:

  • Essential Protection at Mealtime
  • Restore independence, this product is designed for ease of use for those with compromised mobility or dexterity
  • Ergonomic Design, Strong Hold Easy On/Off Velcro Closure is made to stay on firmly but to be easy to remove with a slight and effortless motion of just 1 hand
  • Adjustable Neck Opening for the perfect fit

The most Notable Product Features:

  • Absorbent Terry Cloth Front Grabs Liquids and Oils
  • Waterproof Backing Prevents Bleed-Through
  • Strong Hold Easy On/Off Velcro Closure
  • Durable Construction
  • Reusable
  • Machine Washable

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