New Phase of the Pandemic Response: We have Failed to Contain the Virus.

 I wanted to share this article right away.Road sign for COVID-19 testing site.

The US has failed to contain the Coronavirus Covid-19. A new phase of the response has begun. Click the link to read this article.

Early detection is the most critical element in stopping a pandemic disease. Had we been told in January that this was coming, as the government knew that it was, then we could have had a better chance to stop it. It was already far too late when our society was made aware of the issue. 

Now, our best response is to create the vaccine. The world needs to test its ability to create and manufacture a vaccine in record breaking time. Testing people for COVID-19 now will only serve to reduce the mortality statistics and ease the general fear about the disease. It will not stop its spread because it has already spread past the point of containment.

The money we are spending on a general attempt to stop the spread is a waste of resources. We should go back to work, back to school and divert the money to protecting the vulnerable, sick and elderly citizens. We should create a program that allows people to get no wait time unemployment or TDI benefits that will incentivize staying home if you are sick to prevent as much spread of the disease as we can. We should support those who become very ill and cannot provide for their families. Most of all we need to learn from the lessons of this failure, because god forbid next time its Ebola and we fail this badly, we will be in a world of trouble. 

COVID-19 Coronavirusd drive though test site in the United States.


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