Top 100 Ways You Look Better in a MyOmi Bib: #98 You’ll Look Better Eating Lunch on the Go in a MyOmi Bib

Woman putting on a Waterproof Adult Clothing Protector

For many people leftovers are a delicacy. Spaghetti and meat sauce, meatloaf, shepherds pie, barbeque ribs/brisket/pulled pork, various soups and stews as well as a long list of other common household leftovers are beloved and dear to us. Or maybe its potluck day and lunch will be a surprise. What if you skip the whole thing and grab a meatball sub or a chicken parm up the road?

Woman spilling food while eating, wearing a shirt protectorEither way you go, there’s a high likelihood that you will be a victim of eating on the go today. In your car, at your desk, or maybe the breakroom lunch table; you’ll look better eating on the go in a MyOmi bib... mostly when you finish with your shirt and lap unstamped and undecorated with the casualties of lunch break.  

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