Top 100 Ways You Look Better in a MyOmi Bib: #99 You’ll Look Better Driving to Work Wearing a MyOmi Clothing Protector

Woman drinking coffee in the car wearing a bib to protect her clothes.

Driving to work in the morning is always FUN! It’s especially fun and exciting when you have to sit in traffic or when you splash your morning coffee/tea on your shirt. And if you choose to eat breakfast on your way in what are the odds that some egg, cheese, meat, or perhaps some jelly or a smoothie drip will ordain your lap with an unsightly stain?  I know for me its inevitable. It is my duty!

But I can assure you that if you’re wearing a MyOmi adult sized Shirt Protector you will look so much better when you get out of your car and walk into work with your shirt and lap spotless and you ready to take on the day.Clothing Protector for Adults. The MyOmi Bib

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