My-Omi Bib - Adult Size Bib - SLOB
My-Omi Bib - Adult Size Bib - SLOB

My-Omi Bib - Adult Size Bib - SLOB

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The most useful product you never knew you were missing.

This oversized Adult Bib is a necessity for professionals and parents, not to mention for elders and special care patients. 

This easy to use bib is perfect for professionals who eat or drink in the car, at their desk or anywhere when keeping your clothes clean matters. Keep your clean image.

Parents, while bibbing up the baby is helpful to protect them, what about you? Have you ever felt the hesitation to feed your child while dressed in your work clothes or your Sunday Best? Never let this hold you back again. Bib up or offer one to friends or family who are feeding your little one and enjoy the moment. This is a great product for Baby showers too!

For specialty care clients and elderly loved ones this bib is perfectly designed with ergonomic comfort in mind. The Easy to access oversized closure is located on the side of the neck opening and is extra durable so it stays shut yet opens easily without over extending the arms to access the closure mechanism. In short, its designed with limited dexterity in mind. There is no better design when it comes to elderly and special care clients.

About the Bib:

17.5" Wide by 36" in length, oversized design will cover shoulders, torso and lap.

Durable Velcro Closure with Adjustable opening size accommodates up to 25" diameter neck while still closing securely. 

Terry Cloth Towel front grabs and absorbs food and liquids fast so they will not run.

Waterproof backing will not allow water, oils and other liquids to run through to clothing.

Machine Washable and Reusable

Padded edges for comfort.