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Why try Boveda?

Take my experience as an example. One day I had some of my most favorite flower ever, GG #4. I am a conservative smoker so it had been around for about 30 days. Since there was no more available, I had been savoring this down to the last spec of chief. But the remaining little bit was drying out and burning more quickly so where small amounts had lasted for 4 or 5 pulls the same amount was now lasting 1 or 2 pulls. I had heard of Boveda but I had not tried them out yet. A friend had given me a small one to try so I put it to the test.

I placed the Boveda Humidity Pack into the bag and put it in an area where it would be at a good room temperature or slightly warmer. This is important because Boveda Humidor packs work by releasing moisture until the surrounding air is at or close to the stated relative humidity level. I left some air in the bag so that the newly moistened air could surround the flower sufficiently. We did not disturb it for the next 24 hours and here is what happened.

The flower had absorbed the perfect amount of moisture and it was brought back to life; I have dubbed this “Resurrection by Boveda”. Kind of like a renaissance, or a rebirth. So a “Boveda Renaissance”.

Boveda Diagram How It WorksBoveda works for cigars, cigarettes, lose leaf tobacco, herbs and even for musical instruments. They never leak and they last for a long time so it’s a small price to pay for perfect smoking enjoyment, or in the case of musical instruments perfect humidity saturation, and you can trust that they will work just like you had hoped.


A few tips before you move on.

Boveda Humidity Packs in a ziplock bagLeave Bovedas in a bag unless they are in another sealed container or inside humidor box. This will keep them from drying out all the way. They will last for several months in most cases if left in a bag, but just days if not.  Boveda works in a bag just the same as a humidor. We suggest replacing them every couple of months if using a bag but in a humidor the process will consume the moisture within this timeframe. Everybody wants to have a humidor and be an aficionado, but you can keep it simple. If a Humidor is not an option use a bag instead, just leave some air space in there to let the Boveda do its thing.

Give them time to work. It takes at least 24 hours for a small amount and sometimes longer for very dry products. Larger amounts may need a full 48 or 72 hours, but moving the product around in the container every few hours and keeping it somewhere a little warmer than room temp can help speed this along.

Boveda RH Recommendation Chart for CigarsIn cold conditions a higher relative humidity will be best but in warmer conditions a lower relative humidity will be best. But most importantly if its winter and you keep this in your car, the cold conditions will not allow the Boveda to work as well because its performance is directly affected by the temperature. So in winter get a higher RH Boveda to compensate for lower temperatures and likewise for the summer get a lower RH to keep the product from being too moist with the higher temps. But in general, a consistent room temperature is best.

Sure, you can use the old boiling water, humidifier, wet paper towel bits, carrots, orange peels or lettuce leaves. But these things are not precise and they can do everything from saturating and ruining your product to tainting the smell and taste and causing mold and mildew just to name a few.

Boveda does not affect the taste or smell and they do not cause mold or any type of organic contamination to happen. They also prevent these things by absorbing extra moisture from the surrounding air using the 2-way osmosis membrane technology.

This product is a truly great invention and we try not to sell things unless we love them. Our joining the Boveda team is a great big nod to this spectacular and exciting invention. CLICK HERE Try it out for yourself and see why we love it!

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