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VapMod V-Mod 2

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Sleek Design with Cutting Edge Technology - VapMod V-Mod 2 

The new and improved version of the V-Mod is the VapMod V-Mod 2. The difference between the V-Mod and the V-Mod 2 is the Haptic (vibration) Feedback! Consequently, the V-Mod 2 will vibrate once its preheated and ready to use. This remarkable device is your key to the best vaping experience like no other. 

Impressive Features of the VapMod V-Mod 2

The V-Mod 2 boasts an array of impressive features that set it apart in the vaping world. Its all in one design is user friendly, concealing attachments inside the unit for protection and discretion. Plus, with a magnetic 510 thread connection, it ensures a secure and hassle-free attachment. 

Consequently, for a wide range of mini oil cartridges. The integrated 900mAh battery offers extended vaping sessions without interruptions. Plus, the variable voltage output allows you to customize your experience with ease.

Vapmod V-Mod 2 Handy Haptic Feedback

A color coded LED indicator ring keeps you informed about your battery's status, and a smart preheat function warms up the cartridge for a smoother vape. Haptic feedback ensures you're always in the know! Additionally, the vibration will be signaling various functions, such as preheating and low battery.

The Ape-solute Best Safety Features

Firstly, the safety features like short circuit and overheat protection provide peace of mind. Secondly, its compact and discreet design makes it a pocket friendly companion. Finally, the vapmod vmod has a child lock protection ensuring safety around curious hands.

V-Mod 2 Kit Includes:

  • 1x VAPMOD V-Mod 2
  • 1x Micro USB Charger
  • 1x 510 Thread Magnetic Connector Ring

V-Mod 2 Features: 

  • All-in-One Convenience: The V-MOD 2 is designed with user friendliness in mind, featuring a single button operation for seamless use. Attachments are concealed inside the unit protecting them from damage and keeping them out of sight.

  • Magnetic 510 Thread Connection: This device ensures a secure, hassle free connection with a magnetic 510 thread connector, compatible with a wide range of mini oil cartridges up to 10mm wide and resistance levels ranging from 0.5Ω to 3.0Ω.

  • Integrated 900mAh Battery: The V-MOD 2 boasts an internal 900mAh battery, providing long-lasting power for uninterrupted vaping.

  • Variable Voltage Output: Customize your vaping experience with variable voltage settings, ranging from 2.6V (Green) to 4.0V (Red), easily adjusted with a triple click of the button.

V-Mod 2 Features Continued...

  • Intuitive LED Battery Life Indicator: Stay informed about your battery status with the color-coded LED indicator ring. Furthermore, green represents 70% or more battery life, yellow indicates 30% to 70%, while red signals less than 30%.

  • Smart Preheat Function: Activate the Preheat Mode with two quick button taps, allowing your device to warm up the cartridge for a smoother experience. Easily, deactivate it by pushing the button once.

  • Haptic (vibration) Feedback: Firstly, the V-mod 2 will let you know when the unit is preheated. Secondly, if the battery timeout has occurred. Thirdly, when the voltage is changed. Finally, tells you if the unit is low on battery charge. 
  • Short Circuit and Overheat Protection: Enjoy peace of mind with built in safety features. Subsequently, a red light flashes ten times in case of a short circuit, while a yellow light indicates overheat protection with ten flashes.

  • Micro USB Charging: Easily charge your V-MOD 2 via the convenient micro USB charging port. A perfect companion for your vaping on the go.

  • Compact and Portable: With dimensions of 50mm x 49mm x 14mm and a weight of 65g, the V-MOD 2 is super portable, fitting comfortably in your hand or pocket for discreet, convenient use. Resembles an iPod making it discreet to use and blend in easily.

  • Child Lock Protection: This device comes with child lock protection, ensuring safety around curious hands.

  • On/Off and Voltage Switch: With the 5-click power control, you can turn the device on and off and switch between voltage settings with just a few clicks.

  • Vertical Viewing Window: A clear vertical window lets you keep an eye on your oil level and usage.

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