Concealed Discreet Vaporizers

A new trend in vape pens are the concealed discreet vaporizer batteries. These types of vapes allow you to attach your tank to the battery in such a way that the tank is completely concealed within the vape unit. They offer users some desirable advantages over traditional vape batteries such as tank protection and safe carrying. However, some considerations should be made before you choose to go with this type of atomizer battery.

A discreet vape battery such as the Airistech Airis Tick or the Airis Mystica II is one that allows the user to connect a 510 thread vape tank to it by fitting the tank inside a special compartment within the battery unit. The Airistech models in particular have a small window where you can see the material level in the tank without removing it from the conceal compartment. These can be disguised to look like common items such as lighters (Airistech Airis Tick) or garage door openers (Airistech Airis Turboo).                        Some use special adapters so that they can accept multiple different vape fittings, although the most common is the vape industry standard 510 thread.

The advantages to these types of vapes are wide ranging. The first and most obvious is that this type of battery conceals the vape tank so it is hard to tell what you are using or what you are doing with the device. This is helpful if you are trying to hide the act of vaping or if you are using things like CBD or THC and do not want people around you to notice. Discreet vapes can be and often times are disguised to look like different things that blend into your everyday life. They are usually designed in the likeness of other electronic devices such as MP3 players lighters garage door openers car keychains just to name a few. This is helpful if you do not want anyone to know that you smoke or vape. People hide their vaping for a variety of reasons and this type of concealed vape battery does a great job of blending in while in plain sight.

Concealing the tank within the device protects it from falls. If you are the type of person who leaves things on your lap and then gets up and drops the item, then this is of particular importance for you. No one wants to waste money replacing valuable material and a broken tank.

While there are many great benefits to the discreet vape, some considerations should be made before you buy a concealing vaporizer or atomizer battery. The most important is that your preferred brand or brands of tank must be able to fit into the unit and function properly. If not, then you may need to use a different vape battery type for non-conforming tanks or to switch the type of tank you are using. Different models accept different ranges of tank diameter and length and some have adapters to help accept multiple different sized tanks so be sure to choose the one that is best for your needs.

 You should also ensure that the battery is powerful enough for your coils or tanks. Larger heavier draw atomizer tips and coils require more powerful batteries while disposable vape tanks require significantly less power to operate normally. Once again consider your needs.

Concealed vape batteries have may advantages over standard inline exposed vape batteries. It might take a little research to find the best one for you but if you do then you will see that the advantages listed above make it worth while to make the switch.

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