COVID-19 and the Top 15 Household Items Sold Out Everywhere

Been looking for basic goods amidst the Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic Scare? If so then you know that the shelves in mostly every store look a lot more like North Korea than The USA that I have come to know and love. I have compiled a list of the most difficult items to find in any grocery or convenience store. I have listed these in order of my overall expectation of what Items would sell out first in an emergency situation.

Bread – Always the first thing to go in any major event, this was honestly the last thing to go, I was able to find this at several stores but is sold out in some places.

Empty shelves due to COVID-19 Coronavirus.

Milk – Another winter storm sellout item, I have seen this disappear for a day or two. It is still available at many places but is sold out in others.

Surgical Face Masks – While it is not good especially for healthcare workers, this is more understandable under the current conditions

Nitrile Gloves – Another item I am not terribly surprised that it is hard to find. Still, this gives me less confidence in our overall emergency management capability.

Disinfecting Spray of any sort – This does not include natural cleaning products, which shows peoples true faith in Natural cleaning products, Ha Ha!

Purell Hand Sanitizer – more understandable item in the case of a disease scare, but still amazing how fast these products went.

Anti-Bacterial Hand Soap – This is a staple item, I’m not sure how we can fall short on this.

Diapers – Sad for young parents, not much funny about this one.

Baby Wipes – Also, very sad for young parents, not much funny about this one either.

Paper Towels – Sporadic supplies but still attainable

Toilette Paper – If you haven’t found this already, don’t bother going to look. There is none. Anywhere. You’ll have to resort to using your hand for the time being J Charmin’s got no rolls and no rolls and no rolls….and neither does Scott, Cottonelle, Angelsoft, Quilted Northern and the list goes on and on.

Beefaroni – Of all the canned goods to be out of this was one of the only items that was largely out of stock everywhere. Maybe this is the cure for COVID-19?

Beefaroni out of stock at local grocery stores.

Mac and Cheese – Sustenance we can all agree on, and one that will not expire until long after this is all over.

Hot Dogs – Bad for you, Yes. But then again so is COVID-19.Hot dogs sold out at local grocery store due to Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic.

Syrup and Pancake Mix – We’re gonna stay up late watching movies, and telling scary stories, and in the morning, I’m making WAFFLES!

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