Defective Vapes - Helpful Advice

Have you ever ordered a vape product and found that it arrived broken, defective or not working? This is a common issue in the industry, with the average defect rate being around 2-3% of all units. There is the few that are simply defective from the point of manufacture. But in many cases the products were not originally sent defective. Instead the product is damaged during shipping by blunt force trauma caused by the postman or perhaps even caught in a tsunami or a monsoon on the way to its destination. So what can you do when this situation arises? Here are some tips.

First, if you have a defective or suspected defective vape, don’t use it. Contact the seller right away. A good seller will give you some tips on how to test the unit, and if it is defective, they will tell you not to try to use it and that they will replace it free of charge. It is not safe to use a defective vape product and you should avoid charging it using it or in some cases you may want to even remove it from your home.

If the product has obvious damage that occurred during shipping you can, in most cases, get the seller to provide a replacement or get the shipping company to cover the cost of the damage. If the damage is not extensive you may be willing and able to try it out and see if it works. If so, there is no harm in keeping it, but when in doubt you should throw it out!

As a vape seller my advice is to determine your average defect rate and then try to build this into the cost of the unit. Because this is a common issue in the industry, you cannot avoid it. Even if you were to test every unit that left your store, still some would turn up damaged during shipping and delivery.   Instead you should try to consider this a cost spread out amongst all products and then balance it out so you don’t lose your shirt when a few returns come in or a few units disappear. This is common among companies in almost any industry and is necessary in order to earn profit.

As a consumer it is important to be patient with your seller because this is a common thing in a society where products are ordered from sellers that might be located across the country or maybe even on the other side of the globe. Give the seller a chance to make things right with you before you give them a bad review. As I stated previously, a good seller will find a way to get the issue resolved quickly and at no cost to you.

This is a totally fictional story about a guy I knew that had a vape store and he vaped himself to death. See he wanted to be the best at selling whatever he sold. So he worked as hard as he could to pack and ship orders on time and really wow his clients with top notch service before, during and especially after the sale. But when he got a few vape returns from defective units he felt sad that he hadn’t served his customers as well as he wanted to. He started working on a plan to become the vape seller with the fewest defective units shipped out to clients. He began to test every unit before it left his warehouse. It seemed like an innocent thing at first. But he was taking one vape hit for every product sold. Over time as his business began to grow, so did his vape use. He eventually started to sell hundreds and even thousands of vapes per day, trying each one with one puff before it left his store. He started to develop a cough and some chest pains and his heart developed an arrythmia. One day he was shipping out a very large order to one of his highly valued and appreciated clients and on the very last pen he took a hit to test it and…..BAM! Dropped dead. VAPORIZED! True fictional story.

So for this post I will leave you with this final word. Don’t be to hard on each other as a seller or a customer of vape products. With million of vapes being produced and sold each day, some are bound to be damaged or defective. As a seller don’t be too hard on yourself. Know that from time to time it will happen and be sure to fix any issues in a timely manner. Don’t try to test every single individual vape product you sell because it could end badly for you. As a consumer give the seller a chance to fix any issues that arise and try to be understanding that the inconvenience this may cause you because this is usually not the intention of the seller. An after all, no one wants that have to live with the fact that they helped drive another person to point total vaporization.

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