Ebay Removing Most Vape Sellers

That's right folks, after a letter from our dear congressional representatives to Ebay and other sales platform providers they are devising plans to remove all vape and related products from their sites.

Most people would agree that there should be comprehensive and well administered regulations for the vape industry. Noone should be at risk of hurting themselves from vaping and there really is no need for it to happen with so many reputable suppliers and brands to choose from.

But it is also important to have competition and a variety of options when buying vape tanks, juices and other related products such as power sources. Ebay, Amazon and other large online sales platforms allow sellers to reach millions of potential customers and at the same time allows customers to shop around for better deals and better products. The best products usually win. It is sad that this systematic shutout of access to these platforms is happening. 

Furthermore, the broad attack on an industry that has been relatively safe comparative to similar products and direct alternatives seems unfair. Over 100 million people vape in the US, with only a very small number having any loosly correlated adverse effects. In fact the current vape scare is due mostly to tainted vape juices from an unreliable inexperienced provider. Take a look at the number of people daily who die or are irreparably hurt from smoking and alcohol and the related diseases associated with their consumption. It vastly outweighs any statistics on adverse effects from vape use. 

The matter of banning flavored vape juices is also contentious because many many legal aged vape consumers are now not able to have the choice of flavor preference. The ban surrounds the marketing of vapes to kids and underage persons. While we could agree that these predatory marketing strategies were covered in the big tobacco case, and vape sellers should adhere to similar rules, the choice of flavor in cigarettes is still available for of age consumers and so should these options be available for vape users alike. 

Finally, I just want to point out that in the cannibis industry THC vaping is growing exponentially fast. Yet notice how the government cant even touch that market nor provide common sense regulations to the industry because they technically dont even recognize it. While many reputable brands exit and adverse effect reports have been minimal, the likelihood that there is a better way to atomize these products or better solutions to be used in that process is high. My point is just to highlight the injustice to the many many beloved cannibis, marijuana, THC and CBD consumers who cant even attain the fractured and ineffective attempt that is currently underway to provide protection to nicotine vapers. Instead, the police are in charge of solving this issue putting  more strain on law enforcement and distracting efforts at stopping true crime.

The onslaught will continue on vape suppliers until the hype dies down and things get ironed out in the regulatory world. My prediction is that you will see many upcoming court battles against regulations and emergency declarations. This will create instability in sections of the market. While this will be painful to adjust to, there will be great opportunity for those who ride out the storm. 

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