Gifts Under $20 for 2020

14 Piece Drill Brush Set

When I saw a Drill Brush Set for the first time, I didn’t know what I wanted it for or what I would do with it; I simply knew it looked cool and I wanted to try it. It’s a toy for big boys and girls (see our Pink 3 Piece Drill Brush Set). Clocking in at under $20 this is a great gift idea for anyone on a budget this year that really wants to get something memorable for their friend or loved one without breaking the bank.

Pink 3 Piece Drill Brush Set

These drill brush sets don’t just look cool. They save you time, energy and wear and tear on your body that comes with cleaning big messes and scrubbing the crap out of things. If you have stuck on messes anywhere in your life this is the solution.

14 Piece Drill Brush Set

Drill Brush attachments attach to any household drill with their standard drill Hex Shank. They spin at high rates of speed and with a great deal of force, making quick work of heavy-duty cleanups. Even the most stuck on stuff seems to just disappear. They have nylon bristles and can be used on things as solid as steel and stone and as delicate as fabric and upholstery. You can use a drill brush attachment in the kitchen on appliances, counters, sinks, cabinets, floors, windows and much more. In fact, you can use them for similar applications throughout your home. Tile and grout, sinks and stone come clean with the squeeze of a trigger.

It doesn’t stop there. These can be used for machinery, automotive detailing and refurbishing, painting, auto body work and mechanical applications. Use them for your boat or RV and other recreational equipment. Awnings and nylon covers, couches and chairs, carpets and floor coverings are not immune to its power either. In the wide open or in tight spaces you will have the most heavy-duty scrubbing power around, and all for around $20 Bucks. Check them out on our website or on our E-Bay Page and see why so many people are buying our 14 Piece drill Brush Set as their #1 Holiday gift this year

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