Great Gift Idea for Anyone on Your List in 2021

MyOmi Adult Size Bib

It is in no way meant to offend my elders when I say that MyOmi Adult Bibs are not just for old people. In fact, MyOmi Adult Bibs and Mealtime Protectors are for adults of all ages and at all stages of life.

Not only are these convenient clothing savers a great idea for you to consider for yourself, they’re an excellent gift idea for many of the people you know.

Woman Feeding A Child With a Spoon

For instance, do you know parents with young children or have a baby shower to go to? If so these bibs are a unique gift idea with more value and utility for parents than most people generally consider. Spit ups and milky burps are no match for this oversized beauty. And as their child grows it doesn’t get easier or less dangerous to feed their kid in their favorite outfit. Spaghetti and pasta, Mac and cheese, tomato sauce and greens all threaten to leave parents looking like they can’t feed themselves quite right.

And even if their baby is self-feeding it can turn into a wardrobe disaster at any moment. No more crunchy shoulder stains and ruined shirts just before they head out to work, they can just reach for the MyOmi Adult Bib and let their worries melt away.

Woman eating a fancy meal in a nice business suit

From my many years serving in the office, I know first hand that this bib has a huge place in the lunchbox of all professionals, and it makes a great gift for people at the office. The bib rolls or folds up and fits conveniently into any lunchbox.

But you might not wait until lunch time to pull this puppy out. As for me the daily commute into work is where I begin to need the protection this product provides. Relentlessly, almost religiously, I spill coffee on my nice clothes while driving into work. But I cannot survive a morning without a rich and creamy cup of my favorite brew. And if this sounds like you or someone you know, we have the answer, MyOmi Bibs.

From the frontline employees giving your company’s first impression up to the executives directing the path of the company, MyOmi bibs are a clever way to protect that professional image. Once you have one, gone are the days of breakfast and lunch stains on your expensive and beautiful clothes.

Woman Drinking Coffee in a car while wearing  an Adult Bib.

Eating on the go is so common in the professional world and so are the stains to prove you did it. Eating in a car, a bus, a train or a plane can be tricky and messy even when you put your best foot forward and eat as carefully as possible., Whether it’s a typical day at the office or a special meeting, it’s one less thing to worry about each day. Throw on one of these bibs and relax.

Wine Spill

Home Dining décor is another great place to take advantage of MyOmi Bib spill protection. Having guests over for dinner? Or perhaps planning to attend someone else’s dinner party? Most of the time this entails people wearing their Sunday best. Unfortunately, Sunday best clothes and steak juice don’t mix. Neither do white shirts and butter, tomato, meat, vegetable or oil, just to name a few. Protect your guests, or surprise the host with a set of MyOmi bibs as a useful gift for the home.

Beautiful Woman Spilling Spaghetti and Sauce All Over Herself!MyOmi Bibs come in neutral colors to go with almost any décor, so they tie in great with any outfit or any dining room set. The terry cloth (towel cloth) front grabs and absorbs liquids before they have a chance to run or drip. Meanwhile, the waterproof backing keeps liquids from bleeding through to clothes underneath. The oversize design provides ample coverage for the chest, stomach, lap and legs and protects the most common areas that spills occur. The closure is located on the side for easy one hand reach and removal but has ample grip and won’t just fall off when you need it the most. It is machine washable and fully reusable with a solid construction for repeated use.

Adult bibs are underrated and a severely misunderstood. Furthermore, trying to find a quality brand of adult bib with a well-planned and thought through design is much harder than you think because the market for adult bibs is underserved. As such, a good selection is very difficult to find in most department stores.

Most people just think Adult bibs are for nursing homes and old people, but not anymore. Adult bibs are for anyone who is full grown and who eats food or drinks beverages but doesn’t like stains on their clothes. Focus on whats important! Save time and money, relax more and enjoy your meals and drinks worry free with MyOmi Adult Bib protection.

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