Gummy Flavors in the CBD/THC Industries


Have you ever looked at a variety packaged candy like skittles or M&M’s and wished that they just came in one flavor; a flavor such as your favorite flavor? Is it the red or the blue, the green or the yellow? Maybe you’re even the type to throw out the ones you don’t like or sift through the bag leaving the least desirable flavors for the end, or getting them out of the way first so you can savor the sweet favorites last.

GummiesRecently I had the pleasure of trying some new edibles. They were packaged well and had a good, firm and stabile consistency. They were a good size and strong at a whopping 50 MG per 1 gummy serving. The first one was great, a tasty strawberry flavor.

Lime GummiesThen came the second one, a clear/champagne color gummy. Now, you could go several different ways with this color. Maybe pineapple or apple, coconut or pina coolata. Even a true champagne flavored gummy would have been great. Nope. Lemon! Barely sweetened natural lemon flavor.

This was quite bitter and so I moved onto the green one hoping it would get better. Again, several ways this could go. Sour apple. Watermelon. Kiwi. Melon maybe. Nope, you guessed it, lime flavored.

Now either of these flavors could have been good. You could have lemonade, a little sweet and sour. Or the lime could have reminded me of sprite. But they did not bare these pleasantries. The mix of the bitter citrus and the slight aftertaste of the active ingredient made it quite hard to enjoy them.

Gummy ShopWhen you are spending $30 to $50 or more on a package of gummies, I think you want the dang flavor you want. A pleasant mix might even do, but to have commonly disliked flavors in your lineup and then to only offer mixed variety bags, sometimes dominated by the unpopular flavors? Big mistake.

Manufacturers such as PLÜME know the ropes, they do their research to find the best flavors and they put the gummies in single flavor bags so you get all of what you want and none of what you don’t. If you wanted a variety bag you can just buy several flavors and mix them up. But when you have the option, if you don’t like a flavor you don’t have to have it.


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