New Products and Opportunities Coming out of Coronavirus COVID-19 Emergency; COVID Money!

Some real opportunities coming from the COVID-19 Pandemic:

-Stock Opportunities: Buy low sell high. That’s the name of the game. There is no better time to pick up some trading experience and without a doubt make some money. Get online with this rare time off and sign up for a small trading service. Buy some stock in things that typically always do well but are not doing so great today.

-Medical Supplies and Gloves: N-95 Masks, Nitrile and Latex Gloves, and over the counter medicines are all at some of their highest demands ever. If you can find these fast, you can get a lot of money for them.

-Purell Hand Sanitizer, Lysol, Microban 24 and Antibacterial Sprays: From households to businesses we all need these things to help protect ourselves in our environment. If you have or had any of these items just note that a $6 bottle of Microban 24 is going for $25 + on E-Bay.

-Moisturizer and Band-Aids: Think that hand sanitizer above is going to keep your hands from cracking and falling apart like your mom’s dinner rolls on thanksgiving night. Think again. The next big thing is surely going to be hand moisturizer and Band-Aids. And for all those Purell hoarders out there, we’re coming for ya!

Some Fictitious Opportunities: (Please Don’t Try this at Home)

-COVID-19 Café: much like a Hookah Bar or American Legion Club, VFW, BJ’s or any club you can think of, Café COVID-19 caters to the Coronavirus Community. They pop up in your State wherever Coronavirus cases break out. Here you can feel at home with COVID-19. Get medicine, medical attention and socialize with other people in the local COVID-19 Community. Get COVID-19 and then get over it, all while enjoying yourself and sparing your elderly relatives a trip to the morgue. Who knows, you might just find the love of your life.

Corona Extra – COVID-19 Edition: Limited edition Corona will only last as long as this Coronavirus disease. Buy and sell these at a high markup due to novelty and collectors’ value. Coming soon, Corona COVID-2.0

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