PLÜME Brand Edibles: New Flavors and Reviews

PLÜME Brand Edibles

PLÜME Brand has dropped another flavor on their new line of edibles. Cotton Candy flavored sour belts make a great addition to this delectable soft candy lineup. With 5 flavors to choose from, you can find a PLÜME Brand Edible treat for anyone on your list. Trust that these candies are stabile and do not deteriorate like other edibles making them a great product to keep in the medicine cabinet or the liquor cabinet for any time the situation arises.

Prior to writing this article I had neck and shoulder pain. Ibuprofen gives me acid indigestion and if I take it one day then I need it the next. So instead, I reached for a PLÜME Edible and voilà, neck ache gone.  

Keep in mind that we do not market for PLÜME and we make no money from the sale of these products in any way, so there is no monetary incentive for us to talk them up. PLÜME is just really good and the owner of the company designs high quality, well thought out products.

PLÜME Cotton Candy Flavored EdiblesThe brand-new Cotton Candy flavored and previously released Watermelon flavored sour belts are 30mg per belt, pre-portioned for convenience. The belts are multicolored gummy fruit covered in granulated sugar. The proportions of gummy fruit and sugar, sweet and sour are just right. They taste exactly like the ones you had when you were a kid, at least that’s the consensus among those who have had the pleasure of trying these. It’s easy to get into them and eat too many, and there is no funky aftertaste so please eat responsibly….




PLÜME Edibles Similar to the sour belts, the PLÜME gummy rings are 30mg each and pre-portioned. These are 2 colored gummy rings covered in granulated sugar and have a great texture and flavor. They are not too sweet or too tart. The gummy fruit is slightly firmer than the sour belts so you can chew them or keep them in your mouth longer to enjoy the flavor. The Sour Apple is reminiscent of a green apple jolly rancher, one of my favorites. Peach and Blueberry are great flavors and even though I don’t normally go for blueberry or peach flavors, these are surprisingly good and I went back for seconds…and thirds…and so on

The main points to cover other than the great flavor is that the packaging is perfect and the gummy fruit recipe is firm and stabile.

From past experience I know that most packaging is not attractive. It may seem like a small detail, but it makes a difference. PLÜME’s strong professional packaging yet again sets them apart above the rest. These are true tamper proof sealed candies made in a controlled setting with precise recipe and measurement; all labeled clearly on the package. It has the traditional PLÜME black and silver font just like the PLÜME Brand Vape Tanks.

Stability is the second key to this perfect creation. These fruit snacks don’t fall apart or melt down even when exposed to moderate heat. On more than one occasion I have found other brands melted into a thick gooey glob in the corner of the package in my car. I was surprised to find that PLÜME brand edibles do not deteriorate even when exposed to moderate levels of heat. Finally, an edible you can keep around all year round.

Check them out on WeedMaps, research them and if you can find a dispensary source for PLÜME brand products, be sure to give them a try. You will be glad you did.

PLÜME Cotton Candy Flavored Edibles

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