PLÜME News Updates; Exceptional New PLÜME 1 ML Tanks Hit the Shelves October 2020

PLÜME Tanks 1 ML size with new childproof tamperproof packaging

PLÜME has dropped the newest addition to its lineup of great Vapes and Edibles, the 1.0 ML Vape tank. Along with a slightly larger tank this new line of vapes has improved child resistant packaging, a tamper proof seal and new labeling to show the specific medicinal properties of the e-liquid. After testing this product, we found that it has all the same great qualities of the original .75 ML tanks but now has added safety and sanitary precautions all at a slightly better value per MG from the .75 ML line.

The revolutionary PLÜME tanks with an incredible >%1 defect rate are now slightly larger to accommodate the increase in contents. The tank is taller than the .75 but the same diameter throughout the body. If you are using a battery with a magnetic ring adapter for short and tall tanks or one that conceals the tanks within the battery body then you will probably want to get out your small ring to accommodate taller tanks. Otherwise, the size difference is minimal and the quality is exceptional, as PLÜME has become known for. Rarely do they break, malfunction, leak or clog up. They provide the same great flow and large plume of exceptional tasting smoke; there’s just more of it.

PLÜME new 1 ml tanks with new package design

The new lineup has the same flavor list as before, with a consistent recipe and a taste you can count on. But now the PLÜME packaging has the THC and CDB levels listed directly on the packaging. Each is unique to the flavor recipe and allows you to pick your medicine based on your specific needs.

Finally, the packaging has been changed in a drastically good and forward thinking way.  

First, like many of the new tank brands in California, PLÜME is now using the new childproof packaging. It definitely makes a difference and you will see, as I did, that the box is also partially adult proof. It is definitely a great line of defense against this stuff falling into the wrong hands.

Second, there is also a new tamper proof seal on the bottom of the carton, and I will assure you that you will not be able to open one of these and then reclose it as if it had not been opened. The tamper seal must be broken in order to access the tank unit. You cannot peel it off without damaging it and you cannot open the box without cutting the new seal on both sides.

Overall, this is another touchdown for PLÜME with a 2-point conversion to win the game. This is one brand that will not disappear with the tide of ordinary vape and cannabis companies. They have shown consistency and diligence in growing and adapting the company as well as building and protecting the PLÜME reputation. Time and time again PLÜME hits the market with perfection. Seek them out and try some today!!

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