Shipping Carrier Delays in 2020: "A Sea of Packages"



We take great pride in shipping our products very quickly, in most cases on the same day it is ordered. We ship on all available shipping days and we have shipped virtually all orders on time in the year of 2020, totaling over 8,000 individual shipments.

Unfortunately, Shipping Carrier Delays became the new norm this year. One Postal Worker described it as a "sea of Packages as far as the eye could see."

If you are having trouble locating your order, or if your order has not arrived after 7-10 business days, please let us know so that we can monitor your order and head off any additional delays. The best way to reach us is by E-mail at or you can text or call us at the number provided on our store.

Our website sends a message to the email on the file after you order. This message contains the order information and the tracking number. The usual transit times during the peak season may be longer than normal, but if your order has not been received within 7-10 business days you should let us know.

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