Tips for Picking THC and CBD Vape Juice

Being able to spot a bad vape is one of the most important skills any THC vaper consumer can have. Since only some states recognize recreational marijuana consumption rights and the federal government doesn’t recognize these rights at all, the THC and CBD vape industry is largely unregulated. The high demand for CBD and THC vape juice creates a lucrative opportunity for street dealers to capitalize on this sector of the vape market. A recent Investigation from NBC 10 News found that out of multiple tests at multiple laboratories among a broad sample of THC vape pens from both street sources and legitimate producers, that almost all street produced vape pens were tainted. Even though these brands had nice packaging and catchy logos and flavors, all contained pesticides and most were tainted with hydrogen cyanide, both unsafe and even deadly to vape. The high quality legitimate manufactured THC vapes from California tested negative for these substances.

It is important to note that there is government recognition and therefor government oversite of the THC vape industry in California. This is not a coincidence that the safe vapes were made in California. Also, note that in states such as MA where a full vape moratorium has been imposed, the high quality THC vape tanks are no longer legal to sell in the dispensaries or marijuana stores, and so THC vape users are forced to not use it or get it from the street. And in states where recreational marijuana use is not legal, these legitimate and safe brands are even harder to find.

Creating a safe vape juice for the use of any medicinal material is a scientific process and should not be done by amateurs. Unfortunately, that is what’s happening and the threat to vape users is higher than ever. Here are some tips for spotting bad THC and CDB vape tanks.

  • Look at the Packaging – The easiest way to tell a street produced, low end, amateur vape tank is packaging. It is not the only factor to consider and should not be used as the sole determining factor in choosing good vapes. I have seen many different types of empty branded vape packaging that allows street vape juice producers to use their own juice in a professional looking vape with fancy packaging. However, a poor packaging setup such as a tube and home printed label or buying just a tank with no packaging are clear and evident signs that a vape is low quality.
  • Know the Source – Find out who makes the vape. If you cannot find the parent company for the brand then you can rest assured that something isn’t right. If you are considering picking up a vape tank do your research before you do and be sure you are not buying a locally produced poisonous vape. You may even want to reach out to the company to check their authenticity. A great THC CBD Vape producer will even have testing to demonstrate the ingredients in their standard vape juice recipe.
  • Look for Knockoffs – Even good THC/CBD vape brands can have counterfeits and imposters in the market. In fact, the better a legitimate THC or CBD vape producer does, the more incentive to create knockoffs since the imposters can ride the good will of the real producer. When you buy a vape be sure to look to see if there are common knock offs. Compare the product that you want to buy to that which is advertised through the parent company. Also, if you see a lot of knock off types copying the brand you are considering, be sure that you are buying authentic product or don’t buy it.
  • Consider Production Methods – If a vape producer uses inconsistent production methods or differing sources of material to produce THC or CBD vape juices then the quality can vary. Be sure they use high quality sources and have a system of ensuring the enduring quality of their product. Distillate production can leave extra chemicals behind as can butane extracted oils. Distillates can be safe and should not be excluded from your candidates, but the best extraction method is CO2. CO2 extraction leaves no added chemicals or compounds and does not alter the taste of the THC oil so it has a great flavor and is safer to vape.
  • Other Factors - Be sure your vape brand is consistent on flavor, color and consistency. These factors are important indicators of bad vapes. THC vapes should be thick, if they are not then something was added to thin it and possibly cut it to add volume. They should be clear. Dark color and tints of color other than clear slightly golden can mean that additives, taint or pollutants are present or that it was mishandling during production. The flavor should be pleasant and smooth and not harsh or foul in any way. If you notice a large fluctuation in any of these factors and it is not due to temperature, then you should consider dropping the brand and finding something more consistent and professional. Once again, I recommend CO2 produced THC and CBD vape tanks because they have a thick consistency, clear slightly golden color and a smooth taste.

You can never be to careful when it comes to using any drug. The best place to get your medications is from a drug manufacturer which produces compounds that have been tested and are safe. If you research the drug you will find lots of information about the drug and side effects, chemical makeup and known safety issues. The best place to get alcohol is from a liquor manufacturer with a good reputation and a tested and safe product. Phillip Morris makes a good quality tobacco and so on. And as with any compound, there are almost always risks involved with its use. Whether it be tequila or Kush or Tylenol or even something as simple as a hamburger there are always risks with the consumption of any substance and these should be considered carefully. The same goes for things like marijuana, THC, CBD and the like. Be sure you know what you are putting in your body before you decide to do it. If you practice some simple consumer scrutiny you can avoid being one of the victims of tainted vape juice.

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