Tips for Safe Vaping in the Summer Heat

Guy Vaping in the Sun Sitting on  BenchAs the weather heats up vape users should beware of the blistering heat and the way it can affect their vape rig. In closed up cars and even outside in the direct sunlight vape components and juice can heat up to temperatures that are dangerous for use. Conditions such as this can also lead to loss of vape juice and can even damage your vape tank. Here are some tips to help you beat the heat with your vape this summer.

Girl Holding the Sun in Her HandFist of all avoid direct sunlight hitting your vape setup for extended periods of time. While in immediate use a vape can handle direct sunlight, but if left idle in the sun while not in use they can heat up to temperatures that are too high for normal operation.



Second, avoid leaving your vape in environments with excessively high temperatures. Cars and trucks are the first thing that come to mind. If windows are left closed completely even a car parked in the shade can reach temperatures that are too high for your vape to handle.

When vaporizers reach temperatures that are too high seals can become damaged and the vape juice can leak out. The viscosity or flowing properties of most vape juices will also increase making the vape juice too thin for proper operation. The unit will be too hot for immediate use and if it is used it can allow too much vape juice into the heating chamber, or even ruin the unit.

But never fear, if your vape battery or vape tank has gotten too hot here is what you should do.

Cool the vape down before attempting to use it. Some cool air from a fan is helpful so put it in the shade with a fan directly on it to convect the heat away. Air conditioning is helpful too but remember that if it gets too cold too quickly the moisture from the air will condense onto and into the vape unit making it further unsafe to use and requiring you to leave it for several hours before you can safely use it. So that means no refrigerators and no freezers. Just a fan and/or a safe distance of about 2 feet or more from and air conditioning unit. As a general rule, wait until it is cool enough to use.

 If any vape juice has leaked out you will also want to take the tank off the battery and clean any leaked juice from the unit and the connection plates with a q tip and alcohol. Test the unit for proper operation by holding the power button while the unit is away from your face and body. If something doesn’t seem right you should be cautious because it is better to throw away a unit then to have it malfunction.

Man Vaping in the Sun Wearing a Brown BlazerAs a final word, some tips for keeping your vape cool while you enjoy the summertime fun, put your vape in a place that is covered by several inches of material that will provide shade. If you have to leave it in your car, put it in the lowest point possible and put a towel or coat or even a box or carseat over the unit to protect it from the direct sunlight. Also, more importantly, leave the windows cracked and if possible park in the shade.

If you are at the beach, wrap the unit in a shirt or towel or put it inside of a shoe or even under a sandal or flip flop. This trick is very helpful and you would be surprised at how much just a simple shoe or flip flop can provide enough shade to protect your vape from getting too hot. Try these tips with concentrates and edibles too.

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