Top Reasons Why PLÜME is the Best

I have tried hundreds of brands of THC Cannabis Vape Cartridges and I have seen many different things both good and bad. Weedmaps is filled with different brands and out of all these different manufacturers I have found that PLÜME is the by far the best. I will share with you why:

PLÜME Vape Tanks are consistent among batches. When you get a Blue Goo or an Alaskan Thunder Fuck, you can count on the taste and effect to be consistent. This means you can count on PLÜME quality flavor and feel every time. With so many flavors to choose from there is one for everyone and once you pick your flavor you can rest assured you will get that same fulfillment next time you order.

PLÜME brand has no known knock off production. Over time I am sure that someone will try since fakers always go after the brands with the best reputation and try to ride the goodwill of someone else’s good work, but as of this time there are none and it would take considerable effort to duplicate a PLÜME vape, for reasons which I will not expound upon.

PLÜME Vapes are CO2 extracted, which means that the THC and CBD are gathered using CO2 and then the CO2 is removed from the product. This is one of the cleanest extraction methods possible. The process uses natural CO2 rather than butane or alcohol and other harsh chemicals which leave behind many impurities that you just shouldn’t vape. It creates a good flavored, extremely clean, pure and perfect medicine.

PLÜME labels their individual tanks so you can tell which one is which. This sounds like a small matter but once you get a couple of them in hand and you want to switch them out and try the flavors or use them for different times of day, you want to be able to tell the difference. PLÜME has you covered with professionally labeled disposable tanks so you will never get them confused again. This small detail is just another one of the big ways this product is set apart from other brands.

PLÜME Cartridges are high quality tanks with a very low defect rate. The tanks themselves are a great design as far as shape and size and the ceramic element gives a cleaner more consistent and stronger hitting vape than others with wick mechanisms. In addition to this, only 1 to 2 tanks or less out of every 100 sold are defective. In an industry plagued with poor quality disposable tanks and a %4 defect rate, PLÜME stands out with high quality tanks and a less than 1% defect rate. You won’t be stuck trying to make returns or throw away good vape juice or even worse having to move it from tank to tank to use it up, such a pain.

This is a brand you will want to try out. You get a great product at a great price and best of all you get the same high quality every time. Take the guessing out of THC, CBD and Cannibis Vaping with a PLÜME Brand vape tank today!!!

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