Vape Safety Tips

Vaping is a relatively safe practice. Most vape manufacturers want to provide a high-quality product that is safe for their customers to use and enjoy. The rate of defective vaporizers or battery powered atomizers is relatively low. Out of that defective portion it is extremely rare that one will be defective in the sense that it will explode or catch fire. In almost all cases where more serious vape accident incidents occurred the user modified the vape pen or tank in some way that was unsafe, handled the product in a way that was not intended and made it unsafe or used a bootleg, knock off or an otherwise unreliable product. Below are some tips that I have for those looking to be sure they are practicing good vaping habits.

-Don’t carry an operational unloaded vape battery in your purse or pocket. As a best practice, you should never carry them in a purse, pocket or bag if avoidable, but if you do make sure it’s off completely and if possible, keep it loaded. These units could short circuit if they operate and metal gets into the tank fitting area at the same time or simply overheat if the operate button gets stuck or repeatedly pressed. There are safety mechanisms such as keystroke sequences that keep most vapes from operating when in the off position so be sure it is off.

-Turn on the vaporizer and hold the function button to operate the unit for a couple seconds while holding it away from your face when you first begin to operate it for a period of consumption. A quick test helps to be sure it is operating properly.

-If a vape pen gets submerged in liquid or substantially wet, throw it out. It’s safer to buy a new one than to have a vape accident. This could cause short circuits or corrosion that could lead to an issue.

-If the vaporizer pen or atomizer battery is significantly damaged, throw it out. Short circuits can be a hazard and broken tanks or cartridges can be unsafe to handle, unsafe to operate or become contaminated and unsafe to consume.

-Do not operate a vape while it is charging. Some of them work and others do not when they are hooked up to a charger but you should avoid using them while charging.

-Don’t leave the unit completely unattended while charging and try to charge in a safe area. This is the same for most consumer electronics and vapes are no different.

-Use the charger intended for your vape power supply. This is especially important with the screw on chargers for the pen shaped batteries. These should only be charged with the manufacturer’s charger or one of exact like specifications. It is less critical for vape batteries with a Micro USB charging port or other types of industry standard charging ports like C-type etc.

-If a vape begins to malfunction in any way turn it off if possible and then put vaporizer power supply in a fire safe location. Do not use it again.

-Don’t buy bootleg vape juice or vape sauce. Buy it from a licensed dealer or certified distributor or one with a very good reputation. Know where and how your vaping juice is made. Some of the knock off vape pen batteries are great quality but if you are in question, return it and get a more well-made reputable brand.

-Don’t modify your vape batteries, atomizers, vape tanks, wax coils or other adapters. These have specific functions and are built with operational norms and or technical specifications in mind such as amperage, ohms, watts and other things that I cannot fully explain but that must be carefully considered when putting these units together.

If you use common sense safety and best practices for vaping and buy from reputable suppliers you can safely enjoy vaping. There are many benefits that come from being able to consume nicotine or THC/CBD in vape form as opposed to smoking it or using traditional tobacco. Many adults enjoy vaping on a daily basis with little or no negative consequences. In reality there are very few vaping sicknesses, injuries or deaths when compared to the number of users and when put next to alternatives such as smoking and it just may be the safer alternative that many people need to make their lives better.

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