• Tips for Safe Vaping in the Summer Heat

    As the weather heats up vape users should beware of the blistering heat and the way it can affect their vape rig. In closed up cars and even outsid...
  • PLÜME Brand Edibles: New Flavors and Reviews

    PLÜME Brand has dropped another flavor on their new line of edibles. Cotton Candy flavored sour belts make a great addition to this delectable sof...
  • Price Gouging: What it is and What it Isn't

    I wrote a previous article on price gouging, where my company did a free giveaway of cleaning products and Personal Protective Equipment PPE to tho...
  • The Economics of the 2019 Vape Bust: Where the Vape Industry is Headed

    It has been on my mind lately the whole Vape Bust of October 2019 and what has happened to the vape industry as a whole since then. It has been a w...
  • Recreational Cannabis Shuts Down

    Since the legalization of recreational cannabis use in Massachusetts began many people have been making the switch from their local street dealer...
  • Price Gouging: My Fellow Americans?

    A few days back my wife and I started to try to stock up on items that we might need for the next 2 weeks or so. It seemed like a good idea because...
  • New Phase of the Pandemic Response: We have Failed to Contain the Virus.

     I wanted to share this article right away. The US has failed to contain the Coronavirus Covid-19. A new phase of the response has begun. Click th...
  • Toilette Paper: Back by Popular Demand!

    I found toilette paper!

    I never thought in my life that I would be so happy to see a roll of toilette paper.

  • Coronavirus COVID 19 Cases Pass 10,000 in US

    Luckily COVID 19 coronavirus is not a seriously deadly disease because its here and it is widespread. We as a race have failed to stop it. In our d...
  • New Products and Opportunities Coming out of Coronavirus COVID-19 Emergency; COVID Money!

    COVID-19 Café: much like a Hookah Bar or American Legion Club, VFW, BJ’s or any club you can think of, Café COVID-19 caters to the Coronavirus Community. They pop up in your State wherever Coronavirus cases break out. Here you can feel at home with COVID-19. Get medicine, medical attention and socialize with other people in the local COVID-19 Community. Get COVID-19 and then get over it, all while enjoying yourself and sparing your elderly relatives a trip to the morgue. Who knows, you might just find the love of your life.
  • COVID-19 and the Top 15 Household Items Sold Out Everywhere

    Items Sold Out Everywhere: Beefaroni – Of all the canned goods to be out of this was one of the only items that was largely out of stock everywhere. Maybe this is the cure for COVID-19?

    Toilette Paper – If you haven’t found this already, don’t bother going to look. There is none. Anywhere. You’ll have to resort to using your hand for the time being! Charmin’s got no rolls and no rolls and no rolls….and neither does Scott, Cottonelle, Angelsoft, Quilted Northern and the list goes on and on.

  • The Statistical Truth About Coronavirus COVID-19

    Take a look at what Connecticut officials just released. They may have thousands of COVID-19 cases, but they don’t have tests to determine the real figures.