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Introducing our 17 Piece Drill Brush Attachment Set with durable Carry and Storage Bag.

(DRILL NOT INCLUDED, but most people have a drill in their home.)

 -Attaches to any household drill.

-Saves time, energy and your elbows by quickly cleaning tough stuck on messes and hard to reach places. Let the drill do the scrubbing for you.

-Get ultimate scrubbing action in tight spaces where you cannot normally reach or scrub by hand.

-Cover large areas in less time.

-Multiple bristle and scour attachment types give you a broad range of uses for this set. It cleans everything from soft fabric to cold hard steel. (See Below)

Comes with a durable black carrying bag with a zipper, a clear front and a sturdy handle. Keep everything organized in one easy to find case.

-Great Gift Idea. Both guys and gals are always intrigued by these sets and with so many different applications for commonplace household and industrial cleaning and refurbishing jobs they really are a great gift idea for just about anyone.

-Attach the brushes directly to your drill or use the extension for longer reach.


Package Includes:


3 Piece Set of Nylon Bristle Brush Attachments, Color Optional based on your selection: 

- 4” Round Flat Brush (1) 

- 3.5” Cone Brush (1) 

- 2” Round Flat Brush (1)


3 White Soft Stiffness Nylon Bristle Brush Attachments: 

- 4" Round Flat Brush (1) 

- 3.5" Cone Brush (1) 

- 2" Round Flat Brush (1)


8 Scouring Pads and Sponges, 4” Round:

- 4” Round Orange Sponge, Soft (2)  *Great for stainless steel or easy to scratch surfaces, polishing and buffing. 

- 4” Round Green Scouring Pads, Soft Stiffness (3) 

- 4” Round Red Scouring Pads, Moderate Stiffness (3)


2 Driver/Extension Pieces:

- 4” Sponge and Scouring Pad Driver (1) 

- 6” Extension Attachment (1)


1 Storage Bag:

-Black Canvass Zipper Bag with Clear Front (1) to hold all of your attachments in one easy to find, organized place!


Here are just a few of the many many great ways to use this versatile cleaning set.


Household Cleaning:

Kitchen and bathroom sinks, fixtures, counters, glass or ceramic cooktops, ovens, microwaves, hoods, refrigerators, showers, tubs, toilets, tile, cement, stone, grout, stainless steel, wood, cabinets, porcelain, glass windows, glass dishes, mirrors, pots, pans, metal, fabric, plastic, carpet.

 Automotive/Garage/Shop/Outdoor Applications:

Cleans metal and alloy rims, tires, wheels, metal, plastic, upholstery, carpets, vinyl, glass, plastic, steel, stone, cement, concrete, wood, walls, ceilings, floors. Great for motorcycles, dirt bikes, ATV’s, snowmobiles, boats, RV’s, canvass, awnings, PVC, grills, pools, power equipment, fiberglass metal or wood bodywork painting and filler jobs, auto detailing.

Refurbishing and Restoration:  wood metal glass and fabric; applying polishes, waxes, solvents and cleaning chemicals; removing stains, grease, oil, wax, soot, tarnish, corrosion, sanding, polishing, refinishing. 

Tough-to-get-to places in corners, edges, hand rails, sliding door tracks and rails, window tracks and sills, nooks and crannies. Provides high powered efficient and effective scrubbing in spaces where scrubbing by hand is simply impossible. Vigorously scrubs between car seats, in corners, deep-down corners of couches and chairs, behind hanging items, fixtures, ovens, toilettes. If you have a hard-to-reach area that seems impossible to clean, it is now possible with this set.

No more skinned knuckles, cut hands and sore elbows and wrists. Harness the power and portability of your very own household drill, find out why so many people are talking about this product.


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