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For those who partake
Gift the ultimate companion for the cigar enthusiast in your life. Boveda - preserving the flavorful essence of every cherished cigar.


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Frequently asked questions

What exactly are Boveda Humidity Packs, and how do they work?

Boveda Humidity Packs are two-way humidity control packets designed to maintain a precise level of humidity inside containers, preserving the freshness of sugar, herbs, spices, wooden instruments, and cigars. These packs use natural salts and water to manage humidity by either adding or absorbing moisture as needed.

How long do Boveda Humidity Packs last before needing replacement?

The lifespan of Boveda packs depends on usage and the container's airtightness. Typically, they last between two to six months. When the pack becomes rigid and starts losing its flexibility, it's time for a replacement.

Are Boveda Humidity Packs reusable?

Boveda packs are not designed to be recharged or reused once they've completed their lifecycle. However, they're easily replaced with new packs once they've exhausted their effectiveness.

Can Boveda packs over-humidify or dry out my stored items?

Boveda's unique two-way humidity control technology ensures it won't over-humidify or dry out stored items. These packs maintain a precise humidity level, safeguarding against fluctuations and keeping your cigars, herbs, spices, or instruments in optimal condition.

How do I use Boveda Humidity Packs effectively?

To use Boveda packs, simply place them in an airtight container with your stored items. The packs will automatically manage the humidity level inside, ensuring freshness and preserving the quality of your belongings without any additional effort required.