PLÜME Brand Vape Tanks and Edibles: 

PLÜME Tanks and Edibles




PLÜME Vape Tanks

 Plume Brand Vape Tanks 1.0 ML 1,000 mg

Below is a list of PLÜME Brand THC Vape Cartridges separated by type of cannabis used to make it: Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid. EVERY PERSON has his or her own preference. No one flavor exceeds the other in overall ratings based on a large sample size. THEY ARE ALL EXCELLENT IN THEIR OWN WAY!

Please note, we do not sell PLÜME Brand cartridges. We sell only vaping or smoking and herbal related items which are legal in the 50 Great States. This data is for informational purposes only. 

Why is PLÜME is the best? These are the top 5 reasons:

1) PLÜME tanks never leak, even if removed from the vaping device. For other brands this is a common issue and it can ruin your vape battery and waste expensive materials.

2) The tanks are individually labeled, no more confusing flavors if you switch around from flavor to flavor.

3) Tank defect rate is lowest in the industry, less than 1% of the cartridges are defective.

4) Consistent recipe, each flavor has the same taste and consistency, every time.

5) Clean, safe. high quality product produced with CO2 extraction for the purest extract possible. Please see the exclusive PLÜME Laboratory Test Results at the bottom of the page.

Sativa Flavors:

Alaskan Thunder Fuck: (Natural Taste) PLATINUM LIMITED EDITION

Sour Tangie: (Fruity)

Jack Herer: (Natural Taste)

Indica Flavors:

Northern Lights: (Natural Taste) 

GDP (Grand Daddy Purp): (Fruity)

Blue Goo: (Fruity)

San Francisco Valley (SFV) OG Kush: (Natural Taste)

Hybrid Flavors:

"Gorilla Glue": (Natural Taste)

Trainwreck : (Natural Taste)

Pineapple: Express - (Natural Taste, Lightly Fruity)

Gelato: (Natural Taste)


Fruity: Has the essence of natural fruit flavor. This will still have a natural taste but it will have a light fruity taste as well.

Weedy Natural Cannabis: These will be natural tasting like your every day smoked flower. These are the most popular flavors. Each one is slightly different than the other and each has a pleasant earthy smoked flower taste.   

 PLÜME Edibles

PLÜME Edible

Just released, PLÜME brand edible Gummies are a home run. They are consistent and stabile in the packaging, have a great variety of fruit flavors and most importantly they are strong. 

In the same way that PLÜME has mastered tank making, they have done an excellent job putting these fruit flavored gummies together. For more information, see PLÜME Weedmaps Listing. The rings and the sour tape have a great fruit flavor without the aftertaste. They are coated in a light granulated sugar which helps to keep them from sticking together and adds to the flavor. The packages are re-sealable for storing in between each use. Each bag is sealed with a tamper proof top from the manufacturer and labeled with dosage and nutrition facts. It is a well thought out product indeed!

Available Flavors:


Sour Apple




PLUME Vape Cartridge Laboratory Safety Testing:

PLUME Brand Vape Cartridge Laboratory test results for the oil and for the tank units themselves are posted below. These were obtained from a little birdie. This is a great example of the regulatory system working to provide safe vaping products to vape users. Rather than criminalizing THC Vapes, California asks their THC vape producers to do routine regulatory safety tests instead. This creates a framework for regulating the safety of the THC Vape Products that consumers want to buy rather than making them illegal and forcing them to be obtained on the dark market where safety regulations are not monitored or enforced. 


PLÜME PLUME Brand Vape Tank Labratory Safety Test ResultsPLÜME PLUME Brand Vape Cartridge Labratory Safety Test Results for Heavy Metals